Since the beginning, the automation engineering department is the core business of Studio-A automazione, and includes:

  • Engineering and Supply of complete Automation Systems such as DCS, PLC, ESD, BMS including but not limited to the following equipments:
    • CPU, Marshalling and Remote I/Os Cabinet Design and Manufacturing.
    • HMI Station and System Printer supply.
    • System Configuration activities, etc.
  • Automation Engineering for Control & Safety Systems (DCS, PLC, ESD, BMS) as:
    • System Architecture Design.
    • Functional and Supply Specification.
    • Cause-Effect Diagram for Control & Safety Systems.
    • Control and Safety Narratives Description.
    • Logic Diagrams for Safety and Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD).
    • HAZID, HAZOP and Safety Risk Analysis.
  • Reverse Engineering for the revamping of obsolete control systems.
  • Configuration activities on Customer existing Control & Safety Systems.
  • Management/Supervision of Automation System F.A.T. (Factory Acceptance Test).
  • Assistance to On-Site Commissioning and Start-Up phase.