Skid Unit & Package Supply

Studio-A automazione is capable to design, manufacture and install process plants, packages and specialized apparel for oil&gas industry.

Studio-A automazione is committed to supply worldwide top class products and effective solutions.
The department, located near Milan, is a completely autonomous branch from the executive point of view and it works in close contact with the main office representing it in all respects.

It is also the point of contact for customers in Northern and Central Italy and for international clients too.

The location of this division, as well as being competitive in the area, ensures our customers a constant and precise follow-up for every project.

With the technical, commercial and operative support from the main office, and the production plants located in Serramanna, Macchiareddu and Villacidro, Studio-A automazione proposes its services in order to fully meet the requirements of both the emerging and mature markets, with remarkable capability in project management and unequalled technical skills.

Through estabilished partnerships, Studio-A automazione is capable to provide skid-mounted process and treatment units, as well as provide development and coordination of turn-key projects.

Some examples of EPC projects:

  • NKA raw oil pig launcher / receiver.
  • E98 Direct Loading management system for Tamoil Refinery of Collombey (Switzerland).
  • Biogas production system for Villaservice waste treatment plant of Villacidro (Italy).
  • Firefighting system for Enel power generation plant of Portoscuso (Italy).
  • Waste Water Treatment Unit skid-mounted for Wafa (Libya) and Salah (Algeria).

Main supply includes for example:

  • Prepackaged Control & Safety System Cabinets.
  • Gas & Fuel Metering System.
  • Two-Three Phase Separators.
  • Pig Traps for Gas & Crude Oil pipelines.
  • GAC (Active Carbon) and Sand Water Filtration Packages.
  • Chemicals Dosing Skid.
  • Complete Process Analyzers Cabin.
  • Fuels Loading/Unloading System.
  • BioDiesel storage and blending System.
  • Water Bath Heaters.
  • Complete Fire & Gas Detection Systems.
  • Fire Fighting System.