Advanced Process Control

Studio-A automazione, in partnership with other leading companies in the field of industrial automation and process control, provides:

  • analysis and tuning of existing control loops;
  • design and implementation of complex loops (TAC: Traditional Advanced Control) also on existing DCS and without the need of additional software;
  • design and implementation of predictive controls MPC Multivariable Predictive Controller
    (DMC Plus; RMPCT).

Our experience includes the advanced process control and optimization of various types of processes, such as:

  • Crude and Vacuum Distillation.
  • Naphtha and LPG Fractionation.
  • Catalytic Reforming.
  • Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking.
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking.
  • Rundown Blending.

The outcome is the reduction of losses and maximize production through improved process stability.