The instrumentation engineering department of Studio-A is managing the activities related to the field process instrumentation.

This department is followed directly by the Plant & Package Division leader that coordinates a team of highly skilled staff within the company.

Our services include:

  • Process analysis (P&ID analysis, I/O database design).
  • Feasibility Studies and Procedures for control systems migration without plant shutdown.
  • P&ID engineering and/or P&ID mechanization.
  • Detailed Engineering as:
    • Instrument Index.
    • Instrument Input/Output List / Instrument Setpoint & Configuration List.
    • Instrument General Spec and Instrument Data Sheet.
    • Control, Safety and Emergency Valves Data Sheet.
    • Instrument Process Hook-Up drawings.
    • Instrument Secondary Pneumatic Hook-Up drawings.
    • Instrument Secondary Electrical Hook-Up drawings.
    • Instrument Material Take-Off List.
    • Interconnecting Wiring Diagrams / Junction Box Wirings.
    • Typical or Detailed Loop Diagrams for Control & Safety Systems.
    • Junction Box & Multicable Run Layout Plan.
    • Instrument Layout Plan (Electrical/Pneumatic).
  • Material Requisition preparation, Bid Follow-Up and final Technical Evaluation of Bids.
  • Post Order documentation Follow-Up.
  • Supply of Process Instrumentation and Control/Safety and Shutdown Valves.